Gangway systems for vehicles

We offer a wide range of gangways, suitable for all types of articulated and non-articulated vehicles, which can be equipped with:

  • folding bellows
  • single corrugated bellows
  • double corrugated bellows
  • interior panelling
  • floor systems (bridge plate, chainbridge, rotable floor)
  • air ducts or cable support systems
  • compact upper and lower articulation systems for light rail.

The individual customer requirements are foundation for the development and design process. Our special software for analysing movements is simulating all the planned movements in the design phase.

When type tests are executed, prototypes are tested in our high-power test benches. Because of this we achieve perfectly coordinated end products.


Design, noise insulation, fire safety and thermal insulation are adjusted to the client’s particular specification with a focus on best price for our clients.

Movement Investigation

We have developed a special movement analysis software, which can evaluate and simulate all envisaged vehicle movements, already in the design phase. This software can also be used later on our special six axis test bench to confirm all results of initial evaluations through movement and endurance testing and finally proves the product safety and product liability.


Bellow for articulated buses

Bus articulation system with bellow


Commuter train

Tram gangway with articulation system

Commuter train gangway with separately latchable inner bellow for maintenance access to jumper cables



Metro gangway with flexible sidewall panels

High-speed gangway with quick-latching middle frame (noise test)



Chainbridge with patented service opening

6-axis movement test bench for track investigation