Door systems for vehicles

We supply door systems for a full range of different vehicle types:

  • plug sliding doors
  • sliding doors
  • drivers cab doors
  • interior doors
  • moveable steps and ramps
  • and others

Fast, reliable, individual: Light barriers communicate, Locking systems secure controlled, our well-grounded product know-how makes the optimum possible.

With our intelligent service-tools you can do maintenance-work easily and uncomplicated.

Vehicle doors


The design, function and physical characteristics such as sound insulation, fire protection and heat transfer properties are adapted to the respective customer specifications and are optimized in terms of cost.

Innovation & Design

We have in-depth know-how in the production of aluminium frame / full-glass door leaves, aluminium sandwich door leaves (aluminium combs or thermally insulated with insulating foam), stainless steel door leaves. Our doors constantly adapted to all the latest applicable norms and standards.

Plug sliding door

Plug sliding door

TSI conform plug sliding door with heatable sliding steps

Single leaf plug sliding door

Single leaf sliding door

TSI conform single leaf plug sliding door with folding step

Sliding door

Sliding doors

Sliding door with stainless steel door panels

Light barrier and light curtain

Light barier

Integrated light barrier and light curtain solutions fulfill the latest norms and VDV recommendations

Door control unit

Door control unit

Our door control units are available with all relevant data bus interfaces and support central software upload (Ethernet)



Service and diagnostic tool facilitates the servicing and maintenance of the doors throughout their entire service life

Fire protection

Fireproof doors

Automatic interior sliding doors and wagon doors also available as fireproof version up to EI30

Locking systems

Locking systems

Depending on train speed and pressure loads different locking systems are available

Refurbishments & Retrofits

Refurbishments on existing fleets, retrofits on existing door systems as well as individual logistic concepts on customer needs are also part of our strength.